Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm in a writing nonfiction class this semester, and we've been focusing a lot on finding the extraordinary in the everyday mundane. I feel like blogging about my life would accomplish just that. And I mean real blogging. Not once-a-month blogging about random things, but talking about seemingly boring things about my life blogging. Let's try this out.

For dinner the other night I made tonkatsu for me and B [B = boy. Or Brian.] They're breaded pork chops and I presented it all pretty on top of cabbage and tomatoes and it was delicious.

B tried to thank me for dinner but it was kind of awkward.

Oh well. He's cute anyway.

Next step in this blogging business: get a better camera. And learn Photoshop.

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Jenna said...

Im not so sure about him being cute, but this sure is a good idea.