Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am: the Subatu Saboteur!

This is how I spend my weekends:

Well, at least that's what I was up to two weekends ago.

I presented at the BYU Writing Tutors Conference
2010 Area Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Tutoring Centers Peer Tutoring Conference
(seriously, how much more impressive and resume-worthy is that name).

Chloe, Lauren, and I talked about the importance of sabotaging Subatus (read: suggestion-based-tutorials).

We had light and sound effects, costume changes, and led interesting (we hope) conversations about tutoring approaches with tutors from the Writing Center, FHSS lab, and the Writing Fellows.

And now I know how to spell sabotage.

Thanks to Kylie for taking the pictures!

PS: Check out the Writing Center Podcast! Where else can you listen to episodes about latrinalia (bathroom graffiti), Grammar Nazis, and blogging? Newest episode: Valentine's day Love/Hate poetry.


Jordan said...

Haha love it Amy! I'm sad I missed that!

BtR said...

go go boots? underwear on the outside of your clothes? hot. trying to sabotage my writing. not hot.

Amy said...

w're not sabotaging writing, dang it! we're sabotaging tutors' formulaic approach to tutoring papers. don't defame me.

Emily Young said...

niiiiiice. thank you for posting these pictures. they make me so happy. And I kinda wish that I'd gone to yours instead of the one I went to. Y'all's sounds so much cooler/better.

Rebecca said...

Your costume really reminds me of Quailman from Doug. I'm sooo glad Kylie was there to take these pictures. You guys did an awesome job, too.