Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I've had J Dawgs burps for three hours.

I had lunch at J Dawgs with my freshman roommate today! I love catching up with her and I love that she was my roommate (her not judging me for my expletive-laced language, her not worrying about me when I randomly didn't come home on the weekends, and her wire basket contraption around our fridge.)
You really get to know someone when you live in an cement-walled, eight-foot-wide cubicle.

She's a friend who I can not see for months but then when we see each other we'll pick up right where we left off.

I just realized I don't think I have ANY pictures of us together anymore since they were on my computer when the hard drive died on me and I lost everything on it a couple of years ago.

And then later I ran into some other girls from my freshman dorm, and my goodness they are just two of the most Beautiful people I know. The kind of girls who are so kind and brilliant and creative and funny and pretty that they make me damn jealous and make me want to hate them but I can't because they emanate too much goodness that I just want them to like me.

Oh, and apparently someone else on campus has stolen my identity except for she's a TA for a rock climbing class. Who knew? Identity theft is not a joke!

And some of my favorite people I know from freshman year are coming home from their missions this year!

Goodness, two years go by fast.


kaitlin said...

whatt do you meann your identity was stolen. like is that a joke.

and i love sweet people like that.

Lisa said...

You are one of those people for me, Amy--I can not see you for months, and then like you said, we just pick up right where we left off.

P.S. I secretly like your expletive-laced language and your love of beautiful words. Not that those two are terribly related, but sometimes they are. :)