Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Secret Revealed

While dropping half my onion chunks and sauerkraut strands off my
J-Dawg the other day, I admitted to my friend Joel my secret ambition to become a successful (read: widely read and generously sponsored) blogger. He wisely gave me a few tips.

Joel's Guide to Becoming
a Successful Blogger
1) Be a cute (or bangin?) indie chick.
2) Be married (preferably to an equally indie husband).
3) Have a perfect life (preferably living in an apartment in a trendy major city)
4*) Own a dog.

See the following examples:

pretty/married/writer for Glamour/NYC/no dog but pregnant

cute and SUPER indie/married/stylist freelancer/DC/dog named Kingsley

bangin and also SUPER indie/married with 2 kids + pregnant/designer and vintage collector for her own vintage-inspired store

cute and artsy-hipster/lives with boyfriend (close enough)/freelance photographer and street artist/Brooklyn/cat named Moo (also close enough)

Did I/Joel miss anything?

I suppose it's a reasonable how-to list.
I'll get started I guess.
Any suggestions for what dog to get?



kaitlin said...

haha that is SO true, and i was thinking of all of those blogs. they definitely fit the mold. and i love them.

congrats on getting married.
and umm i WOULD say a lab...but it seems that they have to get a small ish type dog. and i don't really support that.

Ash said...

Get the same dog as all your neighbors so you can obsess over that particular kind of dog together and throw exclusive parties for your specific breed only.

BtR said...

get a baby elephant and name it some other disney character to be ironic... like raja. that would be way indie.

BtR said...

oh and i'm with kaitlin. get a lab. then it can eat all the small dogs around it.

Kelsy said...

A lab might be too suburban. I'd say get an akita. That screams Indie chic.

Joel Deehr said...

You know Im right!!!!

monica said...

maybe kaitlin has shared this with you but i no longer can look at rockstar diaries blog because of that dang dog of hers. as soon as she got that dog and posted every post about it she became far to superficial for me. kaitlin is not allowed to show me any of her blog posts now or i will vomit. (well just mostly the ones with the dog)
having a dog is fine if you want a big dog and are not just using it for fashion/trendiness/or blogging. that is my two bits.

monica said...

not that i thought you were/are entirely serious about getting a dog.

Pica Nagano said...

you should get a japanese spitz and name it Pochi.