Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Vastness of Cyberspace

It's brain-numbing to think about HOW MUCH there is out there on the internet!

Here are some fun things I've looked at recently.


Valuable--ahem, "Valuable"-- tips on surviving the world.

I'd buy these. Future Gaga collector's items.

Mythbusters-- BYU style!

Don't have much in your fridge? As clueless in the kitchen as I am? You've got more resources than you think! Check off what you do have, then read through possible recipes: cook by numbers!

I'm already disappointed that James Franco isn't nerdy enough to be Allen Ginsberg. These clips from Howl are preparing me to be disappointed... anybody else worried too?


Apolo Ohno definitely makes speed skating more interesting to watch.

So does Stephen Colbert.

PS! I can't wait for summer. Only... too many months away.

How cute is this!

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