Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009: A Year in Review/ 2010: Resolutions


1) seijinshiki.
it's basically just your 20th birthday. [feb 20.]
but it's a big deal because it means you're officially an Adult.
so in Japan, I can vote, drink and smoke.

2) new roommates!
i moved into a new place with amazing roommates! [sept.]
kaitlin is so fun and craftsy.
sara is the best baker i know. seriously. and she is so sweet.
brynn is so easy to talk to and is super insightful.
and none of them care that i perpetually leave our place is disarray. what a perfect setup.

3) this boy.
i've pretty much seen him every day since we started seeing each other [march.]
(well, except for when i'm out of the country.)
and i like it.

4) cooking
and cooking forreals!

5) my family moved to Japan.
I got to go out there twice this year.
total of about 5 weeks.
it's wonderful.

6) reunited!
pica's practically my sister and we rekindled our real-life friendship after several years on hiatus.
she's great.

7) an elephant phase.
they're adorable.
always smiling.

8) the Writing Center
i work there!
as a writing tutor!
and i love it!
check out our podcast:

9) blogging.
and here I am.

10) gamelan
yep, still doing it!
we had a great concert [dec.]

(photo forthcoming)

10.5) lady gaga.
what an artist.

My 10 New Year's Resolutions:

1) learn how to use photoshop
2) start scrapbooking
3) take more pictures
4) blog regularly
5) write in journal regularly (for what I won't say on my blog)
6) read more literature outside of school
7) read scriptures and ensign more
8) attend temple regularly/more often
9) learn japanese
10) finish school!

the future is always so exciting. thanks for being last year's future, 2009.


kaitlin said...

oh good post i liked it.
i wantt to do one like this.
but it hasn't happened yet.
maybe still will.

and thanks. i like you. sure am glad we're roommates!

Kyle said...


Pica Nagano said...

um thanks for using the picture with my thanksgiving pants. surely i deserve more than that after everything we've been through!?

and i like your new layout too. issscute.