Sunday, January 31, 2010


I think we all know much I adore Lady Gaga.
And honestly,
I think we all love her.


Asian Gaga:
UCB A Cappella Group doing Poker Face

British Gaga:
London-based A Capella group The Magnets doing Poker Face

Beatbox Gaga:
DIY-natural talent duo covering Bad Romance

Acoustic Gaga:
The British next-big-thing Pixie Lott covering Poker Face

Not sure why I blog about Lady Gaga when I could write about more interesting/uplifting/enlightening things I occupy my time with (Sundance Film Festival, EDP, Willa Cather's My Antonia, Obama's State of the Union, Joan Didion and other wonderful essayists/writers, etc...)

I may have focused all my former passion for music in general and invested it in Lady Gaga.
Is that sad?


Rebecca said...

Your affinity for all things Gaga is truly fascinating.
...and putting the Lady into a cappella form is surprisingly pleasant.

Emily Young said...

LOVE. So much love. Because love is synonymous with Lady Gaga.

monica said...

i like some of her songs but i havnt gone ga ga. i love the first video, asian gaga. so funny. and the beatboxing girls so good and i love that pixie girl's voice.