Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why can't I figure this out.

Does my awareness, fostered by my English studies, of both the inadequacy and power of words make me any better or worse off at truly communicating with others?

Does it at least make me more critical or aware of my ineptitude?

Is it possible that there will just be people with whom it will always be impossible to truly communicate?

Why can't I fix it?

Can any of these questions be productive?

Will I ever be able to remove the shards of lightbulb glass and black pepper from my keyboard?

Can anyone answer my questions?

Well, for now, I have a date with my down comforter, legs bare of Sunday tights, and hopefully some wordless dreams.

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Kelsy said...

I don't know if my study in English has made me a better communicator, but I do think I'm capable of understanding more. I'm now aware that people think differently and I'm more willing to try to see their perspective. It doesn't solve every problem and I still say and do stupid things, but it's a step forward.

Joel Deehr said...


Anthony Garrett said...

I think, maybe, you can answer the second question affirmatively. But if that's the case, doesn't that make the answers to the rest of the questions indeterminate?