Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letters from the LRC

Dear boy sitting at the computer across from me,

Forgive me for accientally playing footsie with you. Repeatedly. I just like to slouch.

Dear sadly inept library administration,

Please come to your senses and realize that this congested, ventless, non-air-conditioned room is full of 300 constantly buzzing eletric boxes spewing heat. Your solution of placing two fans in the back cools down the room as much as an ice cube would in a closed oven.

Dear whoever on campus is in charge of computer lab availability,

Why are there not more Macs on campus? Don't you want me to be able to do my homework? I'd appreciate it if you could fix this Mac shortage asap.

Dear creative nonfiction class,

The selections I will read tomorrow from my essays will not be very eloquent or witty or interesting. But I will bring warm cinnamon rolls, so please make me feel brilliant and original and hilarious.

Plus, some post-it advice:


kaitlin said...

haha i love you.
i hatee when you accidentally play footsy with people! my mistake!

Joel Deehr said...

ya gotta know where to find the macs! In the Hfac basement level.

Amy said...

whaaaat. where in the holy labyrinth of the hfac are the macs??

Tracy said...

the jfsb and mckay bldg also have mac labs

Amy said...

I usually go to the mac lab in the jfsb but it was soooo full today! That's never happened to me before!

Natalie said...

last one - not true. what you read was really great :) cute blog, btw!

Natalie said...

PS, at least you didn't completely space how to say the number "1,919." so. embarrassing.

Amy said...

haha yeah. that's a tricky number, though. :)