Saturday, December 11, 2010

Almost Christmas Break

Ten hours of Buffalo Bill this weekend: Gonna have to wait.

Instead, I've finally cleaned my apartment and in the process got distracted with other fun things.

Like make this cute headband:

The secret is: Braided strips of scrap fabric, an idea from Kaitlin (who is pretty much the ideal roommate who isn't bothered by me staying up all night with the light on working on a paper and who miraculously wakes me up 50 minutes before my paper's due!), but actually from her bff Monica (who is one awesome girl who's getting married soon! and who has an awesome blog).

Plus I've been watching Psych on Netflix Instant. Love that show. Especially since Shawn used the phrase "fake dating" on the "Hollywood Homicide" episode. Baha!

The next episode was this gem "High Top Fade Out" on which Kenan Thompson and Jaleel White (Urkel!) were guest stars and SANG. Watch (and forgive the crappy quality, there weren't that many options online):

Fab. So much love.

The conversation after this scene is hilarious. If you have Netflix, go watch this episode immediately.

Can I just note how the Indian episode was followed by the Black episode? Just sayin. But I do like it. Maybe there's an Asian episode coming up later in the season?

Now I'm going to continue my lazy, procrastinatory Saturday with Psych and working on a certain Christmas present... which may or may not be for a certain boy.


Musing Elitist said...

i love psych. my mom loves it so much that she refers to shawn and guss like they are members of the family: "did you hear what guss said this week?" love that show.
p.s. they did an asian one this current season.

qui moi? said...

oh hey! thats me.
cute headband! and love your glasses.

Kelsy said...

Love Psych! And your headband!

Joel Deehr said...

Hey Ames! Good to see your face again. Albeit a picture on the internet haha...