Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recent Thoughts.

a. I want my babies to be bilingual. Nothing (lately) makes me more jealous than a white little redheaded girl being ぺらぺら fluent in Japanese (in addition to English).

b. I do not need to see your honeymoon pictures. No, not any of them. Just one single picture from the entire batch is representative of you two bumping uglies and I do not need to see anything- anything- from your trip that is drive by this purpose. Kissy pictures in any context are bad enough, but honeymoon kissy pictures?? Spare me. Please. Blech.

c. I need to learn how to cook. Real Japanese food. Like this:
There are ramen noodles in the broth, people. Yumtastic.

d. Big news pending :)


kaitlin said...

a. cute blog when did the decorations happen?
b. hah funnyyy.

Amy said...

a. at the very end of the semester. i work with someone whose sister has this website of blog templates and such!

c. you knowwwww.