Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Look, guys! I'm movin on up!

I finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy yesterday (a 4.5x cry book), and I felt incredibly accomplished. 287 pages in 2½ days, kids! Now I have another book that I can hold up and say, I've done this one. Not that it's an I've-done-that-one kind of book (that would be more like James' Portrait of a Lady that I've been "reading" since May)-- it was a beautifully sculpted novel, and you should read it BEFORE the movie comes out in October. I'm serious. Please?

It's about a heartbreakingly sweet father-son relationship as they trudge through a post-apocalyptic wasteland and avoid cannibalistic marauders. I usually have a hard time with cheap Hollywood versions of books I like (think: Harry Potter and the Prisoners to Flashy Undeveloped Plots and Dull Actors*). HOWEVER, I think I'll forgive the expected expansion of the woman's role (we need some sex appeal. I understand. And I respect Charlize Theron) and probably some (minor?) plot fabrications, and actually allow myself to enjoy the movie. For Viggo Mortensen's sake.

His undeniable sexiness aside, I think he's actually perfect for the role-- his quiet strength, his ability to portray absolute devotion to those he loves, and his ferocity in actively protecting goodness and innocence. (There is no one more man than Aragorn. Which may be the only role I'm basing all of these characterizations on.) Plus, Robert Duvall and Guy Pearce are in it! And No Country for Old Men was fantastic, so there's hope!

BUT THE BOOK FIRST! Seriously. Don't even watch the trailer until you've read the book. I'm serious. Read it!

*This is the one irrational grudge I hold on to for dear life.

So I'm growing up regarding movies based on books.


"Why would you start a blog...?"

"Because I have things to say. Interesting things. And I think I'm awesome."

"I love how conceited you are... And by love I mean hate."

"I was being sarcastic to achieve a satirical end you boob bomb. Spare me."

"Just about a month ago blogs joined the plentiful list of things I abhor."

"Look who's conceited now."

"Look who's an asshole."

[I thought it was amusing dialogue, though the other speaker may not find it quite so harmlessly tickling if/when the speaker sees I posted this.]

So I'm growing up regarding [not] hating on things [i.e. blogging] that I used to love hating on. Unlike other people.


In other news, I still do like Lady Gaga (even though she is an alleged
hermaphrodite. See: http://gawker.com/5332485/hermaphrodite-lady-gaga-has-your-publicity-stunt-right-here).
So I guess I'm not growing up regarding questionably credible pop stars. I still think of her as an artist.

QUESTION: How do I make hyperlinks with words in my post? Help please. Danke.

And thanks to Jenna for the tip on the movie!

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kaitlin said...

oh geez i'm just NOW reading these posts.
i'll never ever neglect your blog again.
adding it to my reader.

did you ever figure out how to do the hyperlink thing??!!
i can help.